Testing Catch-up - March 2nd 2022

Hello community!

Starting today, the testing team will publish the meeting notes from its bi-weekly and ongoing “catch-ups”:

Testing Catch-up XXIII

Time: March 2nd 2022 0900 UTC

Link for call: Jitsi Meet

Rachel, Konrad, Filipe

Meeting Notes

  1. Organizational
  • Testers now have their group email :tada:
    • qa.ofnglobal[at]gmail.com(email access on Bitwarden)
    • This is to be used as username for Bitwarden access - pass sent via DM to @Rachel and @konrad
  1. Onboarding @konrad
  • Test ready column (ongoing)

This will be shared between @konrad and @filipefurtado

  • Split-checkout (current)

“All hands on deck” needed here, major change to the app. Requires setting up Paypal and Stripe (test) accounts.

  • Release testing (ongoing, till release automation)
  • Current testing template (pinned on #testing channel) Template - Google Docs

A great way to get more insights on the general testing of the app: @konrad will join us (@filipefurtado and @Rachel ) on release testing and do the 3rd round on his own, thus starting the rotation between the 3 of us.

  1. Still to do (will be updated)