Testing Catch-up - January 4th 2023

Testing Catch-Up XXVI

Discussion around upcoming tasks and proposing roadmap goals.

Pairing on the network feature

There are some upcoming changes which are under discussion on this spike.
One of upcoming changes should be variants to have a common stock, grouped in the product. This value is currently displayed, but it is not used. We could contribute by adding automated tests, in forehand. Some additional scope on the testing level would be needed (system, request, other?)

Roadmap goals (for the next 3 months?) - proposal

Improve VCR testing - While we now have VCR on the stack, only a proof of concept spec is working for us. We have all sorts of card errors and different scenarios to cover. This is a challenging task, as it easy to get blocked (requires Rails + Stripe + OFN knowlege). Perhaps some shared learning/pairing would be great on this one.

API test automation - Adding tests to API PRs/features which we’re now releasing on a regular basis.

Release test automation - Adding additional coverage to shorten our weekly manual release testing. This has been a bit set aside, but we should pick it up again.