Testing catch-up - 27h September 2023

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Ubuntu local upgrade to 22.04

Our favorite tools for testing notes peek (making videos) and ksnip (taking picks) don’t work well after this upgrade… :cry:

Possible workarounds:

  • Disabling Weyland on Ubuntu may help (but it does not seem to work consistently)
  • ksnip - Possible workaround is to use another tool to actually take the pic and edit it on ksnip
  • peek - use Loom instead, limited to 5 min

Prioritizing test automation tasks

In case we need to buckle up for budget constraints, priorities would be:

  • API → up next month, we’re having a demo on an integration, and chat about it a bit
  • Stripe → removing (Spree) Bogus payment method will surface which specs are failing, which is helpful to prioritize which ones should be migrated first to VCR
  • Flaky specs → now better, but at times quite critical. Should be a priority when happening too often…

BUU uplift

We’re close to having to have this ready to have permanently deployed on a staging server. As we’re doing a full release of all admin pages (which is a huuuge task :sweat_smile: ), we’ve decided to split this between us three shiny testers :sparkles:

@konrad will prepare a doc so we can split each other through different subsections, and open issues for all things we spot, having in mind which ones could be good first issues.

This way, we can channel them to Hackathlon contributors (no t-shirt this year :scream: but for a good reason :seedling:)

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Here is the link to the document:

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