Testing Business Model Config

@oeoeaio Hi Rob, unfortunately i have to leave early today, so haven’t quite finished testing. Also, i could only test one Business Model fee structure. If I changed it, it didn’t seem to write over a previously made invoice. Some notes below to get you started…

I had the Business Model set to a $200 set fee, with GST- so $220 each month for enterprise users. Then, as a non-superadmin, when I went to +create order, in orders. The form automatically filled with $220. After I selected my hub and order cycle and clicked ‘update and recalculate fees’ this $220 went away.

I have an issue and Rohan says it’s because “Invoice.order is nill”

When I go to https://staging2.openfood.com.au/admin/account I get grumpy cat “my server went down once”. So I’m not able to see user accounts from their perspective.

Yay- it applied the 200 set fee, with 10% GST to my hub. It didn’t apply it to Mege hub (in trial phase) Goodo!

In the Xero report it’s like this… just need to check that the 220 and GST on Income import properly…

The ‘example bill calculator’ didn’t work for me until I’d hit ‘update invoices’. Just didn’t calculate. Could be a staging thing. After that is worked perfectly.

Yay… one fee structure tested and calculated correctly!

Make that 3!

I have a fee structure with $10 fixed monthly charge. As far as I can see (just in unfulfilled orders, haven’t hit finalise yet) it’s not being applied to enterprises who are set to ‘any’ or ‘own’, it’s just being put onto the invoice of the hub that had sales in that month.