Technical decisions and implications for local instances


While exploring OFN to better understand how it works and how Coopdevs can fit we found some interesting buckets in co-budget related to technical tasks:

From Coopdevs we see that if we focus on OFN we need to participate in technical tasks like these in some way. I say so since technical decisions would directly affect any local instance.

I’m thinking about:

  • code style / quality
  • security management
  • DB migration strategies
  • decisions on refactors
  • core upgrades (Rails, Spree, etc)

and so on…

Of course I’m not talking about the funding aspect, maybe we can just create a cross-instance technical team to take this kind of decisions. Probably coordinated by the team that will take those buckets.

What do you think?

I think this sounds like a great idea, and I know that @RohanM @oeoeaio and @maikel would love to see those kinds of things agreed, documented and done (and continuously improved). Could it be a case of developing a kind of agenda (as you have above) and starting conversation threads on each, as a low-cost way of catching existing thoughts, resources and plans / ideas?

Would those five areas be good places to start?

Perhaps this is something that could be discussed in next dev hangout?
@pmackay @lin_d_hop @Matt-Yorkley @stveep @levent @sylvain @pierredelacroix @MyriamBoure etc

How did you imagine to manage that team? Github, Slack, Discourse? Since they are technical topics, Github issues could be really good to discuss and we can create a Github team for this. There has been a recent article about cross-group teams:

If we see some best practices that span several issues, they could be worth documenting here on Discourse. Slack is good for quick communication, but the kind of projects you listed need long-term documentation. And it should be public.

Just found this blog post that seems relevant to me. But I’ll try to give a more detailed answer ASAP.

@tschumilas - this is the thread I think it would be great for your new guy to be pointed to. It seems like now would be a great time to improve how code contributions are welcomed