Tax on printed invoices

Can I change the text on a printed invoice?
Taxable items in Canada will have different tax categories based on zone. (ie - In Ontario, its called HST, in other provincies it could be GST+PST…) I have the zones, tax catetories and rates set up - and they are all calculating properly. AND, they show properly on the order confirmation. And they show properly on the order (that the hub manager accesses from the backend.)
BUT - when they print (using ‘print invoice’) - the phrase ‘GST’ is present on all invoices. I need 2 things changed on the invoices to be legally compliant in Canada:

  1. the name of the tax has to be correct - so rather than just saying GST, it needs to pull the correct ‘tax category’ name (based on zone). OR - I think a workable option would be if it could just say something generic like “applicable tax” instead of GST. Is there a place I can change this? @sally? who else would know?

  2. I have been told by a hub manager (and sorry I didn’t know this back when we were talking about the invoices) - that the consumer should be able to identify which items were taxed, and how much each item was taxed, from the invoice. So we just give tax as a total - and that is not sufficient. Is it too late to build this into the work we are doing to make invoices legally compliant? Sorry for being late to this party.
    @MyriamBoure - I know you were working on this.

@maikel - see above #1 - I THINK this might be because I have never done a Canadian english translation with transifex - am I correct? I note that in the profile screen (business details) the term GST is there , along with VAT… (which makes no sense in Canada - it should be BN for business number. So - if I were to run a Canadian english transflex would this fix the terminology on the printed invoice? (ie I could translate GST to ‘applicable taxes’) I know it doesn’t solve #2, but would it fix the terminology? And, if so - maybe its a good little project for me to learn to do it. how to I start?

Hi Theresa.

Currently, there is no Canadian English translation in Transifex. If you create it, you can change “GST” to “applicable tax” in Transifex. We can then add Canadian English to the OFN code and deploy that to your server.

Printing the name of the tax instead of a generic term is a new feature that should be brought into our global delivery pipeline. It’s an easy task that we can probably label as “good first issue” for newcomers to pick up.