Stroudco members feedback

Since switching to OFN, Stroudco members have given me the following feedback.

  • Overall positive, liking the look and feel of the shopfront.
  • The website is still slow, causing browsers to throw up a “slow running script” warning and tempting even the most dedicated supporters to give up, unfortunately.
  • The repeat order function is highly desired.
  • Some find the quantity up/down buttons too small.
  • The search function and selecting/deselecting categories “hang” sometimes because of the way OFN searches as you type and the system needing time to catch up


  • Paginate shop front end or show a list of categories initially, then only load produce in that category; this may solve several issues, including making OFN work on older devices?
  • Continue looking into repeat order functionality

We have seen a significant drop in orders this month and are keen to address members’ concerns.

Is the drop in orders directly correlating with the issues about the website?

Re the up/down buttons, might this be a reason to look at the grid layout design for shop?

Hi Paul,
Drop in orders is certainly in part related to the website but to what extent, is hard to say.

If Stroudco is anything like Dean Forest the drop in orders will be because its a new system and it just doesn’t work in the same way as the old system. I would say this is just the way of it for community food hubs, change is hard for people. I would say it’ll take quite a bit of hand holding to get everyone comfortable.

I’m wondering if Unicorn is the right webserver for us and all the slow clients that we actually WANT in the UK as that means we’re working with people who can’t afford new computers all the time! Started a conversation here for people to hopefully pitch in on.

Also, @Oliver: UK now have it’s very own discourse that will allow us to have discussions that will affect our users. We’re doing this to make a useful place for our users, customers, hub to discuss without needing to add loads of people onto the (potentially confusin) international forum. You can find it at

Thanks Lynne, I’ll go to the UK forum as a first port of call from now on. But hopefully the question of whether the entire shop needs to be loaded is also interesting to others.

Agreed. Didn’t mean to discourage you from posting here too :slight_smile:

Hi Lynne, when I go to the UK community and click “log in” it sends me to the OFN home page and after that I can’t go back.

I get this unable to connect screen. Before clicking on “log in” I can connect fine but after I get this.

This has happened several times now.

Hi @lin_d_hop,
I thought I use this thread to let you know that I still can’t log into the UK part of the community forum. I now get a grumpy cat when I click the login button.

Also before I say anything about another bug which may not be one at all, could you look at this screenshot? Is OFN meant to find existing customers and their details when I put on an order manually in the back end? As you can see it says “Loading Failed”.

I know @Oliver. I’m working on it.