Stripe Userguide Draft + Questions

@sstead I’ll write down my Stripe ‘how to use it’ notes here!

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Stripe Payments (DRAFT)

Stripe is an online payment platform similar to Paypal. It will allow you to accept credit card payments from your customers. It’s a globally available platform, but is only available on certain OFN instances. Contact your local OFN team to see whether it’s available on your OFN.
–> Added in short the advantage of Stripe here. Why would they use it?

To use Stripe on OFN, you’ll need to first create an account with Stripe. This page details the steps to getting Stripe setup as a payment method in your OFN shop once you’ve got a Stripe account.

To use Stripe on OFN, you can either first create an account with Stripe here or create one while getting Stripe setup as payment method in your OFN shop. This page details these steps.

–> you can also set Stripe up via the OFN enterprise edit page, when you click on ‘connect with Stripe’ . (SS - maybe it’s clearer to say ‘create a stripe account first, then come and set it up in OFN’, even if they can create a Stripe account during the OFN setup process).

Accessing Payment Methods

Click Enterprises in the blue horizontal menu, and then click Manage next to your enterprise. Then, click Payment methods in the menu on the left hand side.

Connect with Stripe

Before you can setup a payment method that uses Stripe, you’ll need to Connect with Stripe. To do this, click on the ‘Connect with Stripe’ button.Connect with Stripe

You’ll be taken to a form to fill in your details. I’VE ONLY SEEN THIS IN DEVELOPER MODE- WILL ADD SCREENSHOTS WHEN I SEE REAL FORM.

Create a New Payment Method

You need to create a new payment method to use Stripe.

Treat the Name, Description, Active and Tags fields as you would with any payment method. See here for instructions.
–> can we have a rolldown/up window here instead of a new page?
–> will people be confused if they need to fill in a description? And what to fill in? Should we give an example of what to fill in there?

Provider: Select Stripe

If you have not Connected to Stripe (see above), you will get an error, so make sure you return to your Payment Methods tab to Connect with Stripe.

After this, ‘Provider Settings’ will be shown
Stripe Account Owner:

Select the enterprise that has a Stripe account connected.

Click ‘Create’.
Congrats, you can now use Stripe as payment method!

To check your payment methods, click Back to payment methods on the right upper hand side.

The Payment Methods page also needs to be updated I guess?

Provider: There are five provider options. Select the one which is relevant to the payment method you are creating.

  • MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MIGS)
  • PayPal Express
  • Pin Payments
  • Stripe: creditcard payments
  • Cash/EFT/etc. (this is for payments which do not require automatic validation)
    If you have selected ‘Cash/EFT/etc…’ as the provider, click Create to end the process.

For MasterCard, Paypal, Pin Payments and Stripe additional instructions are below.

–> Do we add the Stripe steps to connect and use it on this page?

Awesome! Thanks @simone!
I think yes, we will need to include Stripe on the payment methods page. But this page is getting very long, so maybe we should also link to a more details Stripe specific page. I think Gitbooks will allow us to restructure things like this in a much more logical way!