Spree upgrade testing - Step 6

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Once the test on staging is done we need to test the migrations included in this step with production data.

I suggest the following:

  1. dump production data from some instance
  2. deploy master to a staging
  3. reset the DB on staging (please make sure you’re not in production :sweat_smile: )
  4. restore the production DB dump into the staging DB
  5. check that the application works as expected
  6. deploy the spree-upgrade-next-staging branch to staging
  7. run bundle exec rake db:migrate:status and save the output in some gist
  8. run bundle exec rake db:migrate:up VERSION=[MIGRATION ID] from the oldest to the newest migration. Save the output of every migration in some gist
  9. restart the application and background jobs
  10. test again the application to see that everything is OK

I know that this can sound tedious (it is!) but it will help to be more confident while doing the same in production. I suggest to pair on this task, both in staging and production since we have LOTS of migrations on strategic tables.

The issues related to step 6 have been collected here Spree Testing June 2017

I am archiving this old thread about the upgrade to spree 2.