Spree Testing June 2017

Testing as superadmin
N - Text in superadmin view of Users (FIXED as at 21st July)

Y - Create group page
Y - changes to config > content
Y- Tax setting . Shipping to include tax or not. Setting shipping tax rate.
Y - Tax Rates. I found that switching between ‘included in price’ and ‘excluded from price’ had the desired effect.
Y - Tax Rates. Created a new tax (50%). System effectively held 2 tax rates.
Y - Accounts and Billing seems to work.

@sstead Is this issue related to the Spree upgrade or is it pre-existent? In that case, do we have a GitHub issue to cover that?

Many thanks for the hard work! :muscle: :clap:

That was preexisting and only affects staging1 as far as I’ve encountered. Possibly to do with Aus staging env configuration.


I’ve tested the following:

Set up enterprise from back end
Give enterprise fees, shipping and payment methods
Create order cycle
Create relationships with producers
Add producers/products to OC
Add products to inventory
Tag one product as members only (tag=members, should be not visible but is, so potential problem)
Didn’t tag a customer as “members” because the item that should have been non-visible was already visible, so untested
Change one product to tax category GST (I couldn’t see this make any difference to the price either in the front or back both with tax set to be included in the price or not)
Upload an image to one product
Make one product stock-reset in inventory
Put in order from front end
Reset stock level in inventory actions
All the emails arrived ok
Run some standard reports
Notify producers
Edit the order by removing one item (this made the screen look like the attached; this disappeared on clicking “update”) and adding an item
Resend confirmation
Run reports again

Apart from the items in bold I didn’t notice anything untoward.


@sstead @lin_d_hop @Oliver Many thanks for your help!

I think it would be easier to create a new thread for each issue you found. Does it sounds OK for you?

I say so since it will be easier to track down open issues and discuss on each of them separately.

I’ll start with one to try this out but please ping me if it doesn’t fit you :pray:

I wonder if it might be better to create github issues? perhaps in a project or milestone for spree upgrade - so is easier to manage them through the pipe and keep track of them all? what do you think @danielle?

also maybe Danni we should have a chat about management of spree upgrade e.g. should this be managed by you in and around the main OFN pipe and releases and/or should we work out a process for me to take some of the load? not sure what that would look like. are you in on friday morning?

NB. I also find it much easier to scan the big long lists above and get a better sense of what the state of play is. So wouldn’t want everything going straight into github because then is much harder to see and we’ll end up with lots of duplicates etc.

I also wondered if it might be worth restarting bugherd for spree upgrade . . don’t want to get into the pain of running two parallel issue trackers again

Perhaps @sstead @danielle and I can do some work on this to get it as clean and clear as possible

@enricostn @sauloperez @oeoeaio @RohanM any thoughts / preferences for where issues would be managed?

I don’t have much preference on that @Kirsten but I think it’s easier having discussions in discourse and open pull requests when the scope is a bit more clear. But I’m fine with what you guys are more comfortable with as per your experience.

Am in on Friday probably from late morning. Does that work for you?

I would keep this thread focused on testing feedback so I opened a new thread about our manual test process:

N - on the /weclome screen there is no image (see below) GH issue
N- Shopfront message - INCORRECT TEXT GH issue
N - Text in superadmin view of Users GH commit
Y- Setup payment methods -Setting up payment methods was fine. But one bug showed (see below) GH commit backporting Spree 2.0 commit
N - Editing an order in ‘Edit order’. ERROR WHEN DELETING AN ITEM FROM ORDER. GH issue
N - Creating an order from the backend. See screenshot above relating to Authorisation Failure when accessing payment methods in Edit/Create Order. GH issue
N- Marking an order as ‘captured’ or paid. GET UNAUTHORISED MESSAGE GH issue
I wasn’t able to get Paypal or Pinpayments to work GH issue

LINKS TO MILESTONES to see where issues are up to:
Spree Upgrade - Step 6
Spree Upgrade - Step 7

Regarding Oliver’s note ‘Change one product to tax category GST (I couldn’t see this make any difference to the price either in the front or back both with tax set to be included in the price or not)’… I had a look and tax seemed to be behaving correctly. The expected behaviour is that the displayed price of the product does not change, but the GST calculated at checkout will differ (depending on if tax is included, or to be added on as extra). This is what it did.

Also note I checked on staging2 and the Tag Rule bug also picked up by Oliver is pre-existing, I’ve logged here - https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues/1664

I wasn’t able to get Paypal or Pinpayments to work. Maybe my fault, maybe a bug? I used the accounts that we use for testing- it could be that I set them up wrong, but I did double check?? Error messages below. You can test for yourself in Toowoomba Food Hub.

I have no idea if this is relevant - but I just had a hub tell me that got this same error when trying to set up paypal. The reason for it in that case was that the hub manager when acting as a shopper to test it, used the same email and paypal account as the hub used to set up the paypal account. You can’t buy from and sell from the same account I think. Maybe this is no help at all - just came to mind. In her case, it was a paypal thing, not an OFN thing. And as soon as she used her personal paypal account and email to make a purchase, it worked fine.

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Thanks I’ll check this out!

N- Nav buttons in shopfront - MISSING BUTTOn GH Pull request

@sstead how did you manage to see the “Back To Store” text? apparently it is shown only when there are no line items on the order, which is a state I don’t know how to reach. When I manually delete the line items from the database I do see it (so it does work). The button shows “Back To Cart” otherwise.

N - Print invoice and send invoice buttons GIVE SNAIL PAGE

Besides a copy that I fixed in GH pull request the email gets sent and the pdf to print gets generated successfully. See below.

@sstead @sigmundpetersen we just deployed step 6 at https://staging1.openfood.com.au

could you please test again and check that the issues that you found in the previous iteration have been solved?

I opened an issue for each in GitHub https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/milestone/55

@sstead I assigned to you lots of GitHub issues :grimacing: but feel free to re-assign them to whoever will take it :pray:

Please try to follow up existent issues in GitHub or open ones instead of adding here details, thanks!!!

cc/ @Oliver

Thanks @sauloperez, the ‘back to store’ button is working again. However, the ‘print invoice’ and ‘send invoice’ are not working for me on Staging1 currently. I’ve created an issue here - https://github.com/openfoodfoundation/openfoodnetwork/issues/1711

These are the GH issues for the bugs found on the last run: