Spree 2.0 upgrade #step7 #epic

We started here the Spree upgrade toward 2.0 but we discovered that starting from this point the Spree code is difficult to pick in batches of commits. There are no clear boundaries of PRs, lots of WIP commits fixed later, etc.

Furthermore Spree 2.0 moves around almost all the code base and introduces a couple of big refactors. more info in the official release notes.

In this thread we’ll collect all the things that we need to do, links to specific threads, GitHub issues and PRs and so on.

Cross-features items

  • Clean Gemfile from forks


Given all this, the methodology that we are using for the step 7 is as follows:

  1. Identify breaking changes and deprecations in Spree 2.0
  2. Investigate how a particular change is related to OFN’s codebase
    3a. if the code removed/deprecated is used by OFN, refactor it to be spree-2.0-compatible and merge into master if possible. Otherwise, fix it in the spree-upgrade-7 branch
    3b. If the code removed/deprecated is not used by OFN
    • Go to 2

Why this? Small changes are easier to review test and they raise awarness of the changes of Spree 2.0 within the team. As a result this PRs bring low potential of introducing bugs.

Hope this makes things a bit clearer.