Specification for tax management overhaul

Continuing the discussion from Outstanding Tax Requirements (Jan 2016)

Ok everyone!!! After having turned my head down in every direction, I think I have a first proposal as a spec to rewrite the way tax is managed in the OFN, and enable the platform to be used internationally and meet local tax legislations, anywhere. I know that’s ambitious, I’m not sure I have thought in all cases, but I hope what I propose is flexible enough (and simple enough!) to adapt to any situation.
As it’s pretty long I have written all that in a google doc, you have all access to suggest any modification, comment, etc.

Thanks @CynthiaReynolds @sreeharsha @tschumilas @NickWeir @lin_d_hop @thomaz @JozeHladnik @fraschelo @dberrocal @josuex09 @elf-pavlik for looking at the spec document to see if that way of proceeding would answer the VAT situation also in your countries, to validate if the solutions fits all cases or not.
And also @Kirsten @danielle @RohanM @maikel check if that is still ok for the Aussi tax system.

I would be super grateful if you could look at that quickly as we have a talented developer @pierredelacroix who is ready to start working on it, but we need to agree first on the spec so that it meets everyone needs! :slight_smile:

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The discussion on the specs is in fact happening here: Co-budget and organization around the tax overhaul dev