'Sold Out' option for shop fronts

We’ve had a new user request that once products are sold out, they stay visible on the shop front with a ‘sold out’ label over the quantity box, rather than disappearing from the shop front altogether. This would mean smaller hubs can still display their full range of products, and encourage customers to shop early to not miss out.

Has this been considered before? Would other instances find this a useful feature?

One of those things which are currently set at instance level and should really be configurable by enterprise. Same for backorders and ideally categories. :wink:

Aha, thanks Oliver! I didn’t realise it was an instance level option. I’ll start a conversation over on the UK discourse about switching this on.

The backorders one is more difficult as I think turning it on would cause a lot of problems for many hubs - the only risk with the out of stock option is that some bigger hubs might feel their shop is a bit cluttered.

Are there any plans in the pipeline to devolve these to enterprises?

@Kirsten… Not sure who else to ping with Rob and Maikel both out…
Can you think of a reason that this is not done on the shop level? We might explore changing that…