Single sign on

What is the need / problem

When Shannon, Fred, Mary or Manel want to go on Discourse to post a comment, they have to connect into Discourse. When they go back to OFN they are logged out of OFN and need to connect again. They are borred with managing different passwords.

Who does it impact

They are irriated and just don’t go to the forum, they’ll do it later (and never do it).

What is the current impact of this problem

Not a lot of users contribution on the forums.

What is the benefit in focusing on this

More contributions on the forum and happy users.

Links to more details

Potential solutions that will solve this problem

  • Single sign on

hmmmm . . I recall that we did do this at one point, but it was really clunky and required so much going around in circles to get signed on to discourse that we established that no one would EVER do it . . and that reverting to two separate sign ons would actually be better unless a lot of work were to be done. @maikel may remember more.

I re-read the original issue on Github again and I think I misunderstood the issue a bit. There are two things.

  • When you are logged in on Discourse and then go to the OFN, you want to be logged in as well. That is the Single Sign On feature we don’t have yet. It can log you in on the OFN even if you have been logged in only on Discourse.
  • The issue Kirsten described is that you are already logged in on OFN. But when you navigate from Discourse, you are logged out. I have no idea why and would need to look into that for half an hour or so to find out.