Simone's Spree testing notes

Our fabulous @simoneluijckx is going to have a go at testing Spree. It’s her first time testing so she’ll put her notes here :slight_smile:


Woho thanks @sstead! I’ll post every detail of my journey here :wink:

My shop is alive on the staging page!
First thing to notice:
Picture doesn’t work

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  • Y: first view on homepage
    - N: Scrolling down to bottom homepage, picture shows error (see image below) (@sstead this is ok, just haven’t uploaded the image into Staging1)

- N: On the admin page, the picture shows error (see image below)(@sstead this is ok, just haven’t uploaded the image into Staging1)

  • ?: ‘Producer shop’ text says: “Producer Description Text 2” (see image below)

  • Y: selecting ‘producer profile’: going over it with your mouse makes it turn to green. Clicking goes from blue to black.
    -note: I thought the link was not working, because I assumed it would lead me to a new page automatically when clicking on the profile, turning it into a black icon. So it was a bit confusing.
    - Y/N: the product profile page shows ‘dashboard’, ‘products’, ‘reports’ and ‘enterprises’. But ‘enterprises’ does not have an icon? (see image below) (@sstead this is ok, we don’t have icons for some menu items, but very good attention to detail!)

  • Y: editing page for shop profile
    -Y: update button
    -Y: primary details
    -?: the ‘PRIMARY PRODUCER?’ clickable box, shows the clickable question ‘what’s this’, when clicking it says to ‘Select Producer if you are a primary producer of food’. But it does not say when to deselect it. Leaves users maybe in doubt whether to select it or not? (@sstead this is ok, good suggestion but not Spree related)
    -Y: address
    –>Y searchfield for State/Country
    -?: Edited contact details at CONTACT page, clicked on ‘update’ button, renewed, but jumps back to PRIMARY DETAILS page instead of staying on CONTACT page (@sstead this is ok, good suggested improvement but not Spree related)
    -Y: social
    -Y: about us. Y: headings, bold, Italic, Underline, Clear formatting, link
    -Y: business details
    -Y: images
    -Y: properties
    –>?: property name: can only choose one property e.g. ‘regional_vic’
    –>note: I don’t understand the PROPERTY tab. Is the property the certification you have? What is the description for? to describe the property better? Or to add more properties? (see image below) (@sstead this is ok, not Spree related. Lots of users find this term ‘properties’ confusing. And yes, the process of adding >1 property is confusing, as you need to save the first one and then add another.)

-Y: enterprise fees
–>?: add enterprise fees.Leads me to new page. I updated it. But now I can’t go back to my edit page. No button that shows to go back to where I was (the ‘enterprise fees’ part of the ‘edit shop profile’ page). (see image 1 below)
I used my internetbrowser’s backbutton, after a couple of clicks I come back at ‘ENTERPRISE FEES’, but it didn’t remember my updated fee settings. (@sstead, yes I agree this navigation is confusing, not spree related though)
(See image 2 below)
Image 1:

Image 2:

After clicking on ‘create one now’, it did appear to remember the setting. But to go back to the editing page, I click on the green ‘enterprise’ button. After I get lost on the enterprise page on where to go to.
Found out after a while you have to click on ‘manage’.

–>: delete button when you ‘add a manager’
-N: add a manager: clicked on the ‘blue + button’, next tried to click on ‘add a manager’, but doesn’t work. I can’t click on it. It shows me a typing arrow, instead of clicking arrow when hovering over it. (see image below)

–> note: to ‘add a manager’ you click on the green button. I wanted to fill in another email, but it appears you have to click on the ‘blue + button’ on the right side first, add a manager, then use the green button to add that manager. (@sstead oh gosh, yes, again this is annoying, but not spree related, just another pre-existing glitch that should be improved)

-Y: ‘close’ button when finished with editing leads to enterprise page

Products page
Adding products

  • Y: choose supplier
  • Y: choose unit
  • Y: choose product category
  • Y: choosing image
  • Y: product description (incl bold, italic, remove)

Bulk edit products

  • Y: quick search
  • Y: producer button & search
  • Y: category button & search
  • Y: clear filters
  • Y: columns button + selecting and deselecting the V sign
    - N: expand all button: doesn’t show a clicking arrow when hovering over it. The arrow does change to a typing arrow but there’s no visible sign that the link is clickable. You can click on ‘expand all’ though and then it works. (see image below) (@sstead, not Spree related, but good suggestion)

- ?: clicking the duplicate (?) sign (turns orange when you hover over it) doesn’t change anything it seems. (@sstead I think you’ll find that if you wait a while a duplicate product will show up, but yes, there should be some sign to the user that this is being processed) Below are a before clicking (image 1) and after clicking (image 2 picture):
Image 1:

Image 2:

Add new product

-?: 2 different pages on 1 page it seems? The ‘add product’ page and the ‘product overview’ page. (See image below) (@sstead not spree related, I think it’s supposed to be like this)

Editing product “apple”

  • Y: editing product homepage, all the buttons and links work
  • Y: editing image
    –> Y: update new image
    –> Y: delete image: shows notification pop-up window ‘are you sure’
  • Y: variants page
    –> Y: update button
  • Y: product properties
    –>note: when clicking on ‘update’ button you are directed back to ‘product details’ page instead of staying on the ‘product properties’ page
    - N: product distributors: the page only shows ‘update’ and ‘cancel’ (see image below) (@sstead Yes this page is pretty meaningless unless you supply hubs, we should hide it, not spree related though).


  • N: I cannot select my shop on this page (see image below) (@sstead not spree related. Good find though, Inventory doesn’t apply to a profile only producer, so we should just hide the tab from them to save confusion).
    –> N: quick search (grey unclickable button)
    –> N: producer (grey unclickable button)



  • Y: link to userguide
  • Y: change package
  • ?: see shop live. When clicking on this, it directs me to the general world map. I expected it to show me my shop on the map. (see image below after clicking on ‘see shop live’) (@sstead, not spree related but good suggestion)


  • Y: search box
  • Y: profiles (clicking shows me a pop-up of the enterprise)

My profile on the map

  • Y: personal profile pop-ups when clicking on it

  • N: headings used in the profile set-up page are not shown on my map profile (see image below) (@sstead, known issue)

  • Y: link to personal website

  • Y: Twitterbutton

  • Y: Facebookbutton

  • Y: LinkedIn button

  • N: Instagram button (see image below, after clicking). It says in Dutch that ‘the page is not availabe’ and ‘the link is probably not working’ (@sstead, known issue- it’s not recognising just the handles, it needs full address i think)

    –> what I filled in on the ‘SOCIAL’ edit profile page (this is my correct Instagram username):

  • N: clicking on the ‘property’ items. When hovering the arrow over ‘Grass Fed’, ‘Native Veg Regon’ and ‘Regional’, it changes to a clicking arrow. However I cannot click on the button, there is no link behind it. (see image below)

    (@sstead known issue, has been partially fixed).

  • Y: link in text works

  • Y: link to shopfront works

Order Cycles

  • Y: homepage

  • N: order date pictures (see image below) @sstead pre existing known issue.

  • Y: orders open at

  • Y: orders close at

  • Y: shows products incl pictures

  • Y: clickable ‘select’ product buttons

  • Y: add coordinator fee (shows ‘transports fee’)

  • Y: remove coordinator fee

  • Y: create order cycle

  • Y: notification of valid shipping and payments methods (see image below)

N: Scrolling down to bottom homepage, picture shows error (see image below)
N: On the admin page, the picture shows error (see image below)
Y/N: the product profile page shows ‘dashboard’, ‘products’, ‘reports’ and ‘enterprises’. But ‘enterprises’ does not have an icon? (see image below)

These 2 issues are related to custom asset configuration and management in AUS staging1. Not related to Spree upgrade

?: ‘Producer shop’ text says: “Producer Description Text 2” (see image below)

This should be fixed by

So, I don’t see anything new :clap:

Many thanks @simoneluijckx for testing and @sstead to go through the known issues and save us lots of time :pray: