Should we join Ripess Europe?

Proposal / Discussion

Ripess Europe (Jason Nardi) have replied to an email I recently sent, related to conditions and advantages of joining their organization. I post their reply below please let me know what your view is on the matter.

  • to join Ripess Europe we would have to pay a yearly contribution of 100eur. Seeing that we (OFNs in Europe) are a large number of small organizations, and not associated yet under one umbrella they accepted that each instance contributes 10eur to join (from what I understood this can be even free for the 1st year).
  • I have let Jason Nardi, know that we will need some time to arrive to a decision. Hence please never mind the dates he states in the email.
reply from Jason Nardi (2021-09-03)

" Let me say a few words on why I think it would be an excellent thing if you’d join the RIPESS Europe network, especially at this moment in time.

First, we are discussing more and more among members about the adoption and use of FLOSS (Free-libre open-source software) cooperative platform tools, with shared development and decentralised application/adaptation, to foster the local solidarity economy circuits and ecosystems. During the General assembly meeting next week, we will have a working group meeting on this (you’re welcome to join online) and some examples of integration of local/digital currencies in those platforms as well.

Second, the networking experience of RIPESS can support OFN’s European networking as well and link to national / regional / sectoral organisations that could be interested in several countries. Same for Urgenci, which could support the link to CSAs and similar initiatives.

Third, we are interested in the exchange and mutual cooperation among members - that’s the “network effect” we promote: doing it through common EU projects (or applying for funds to private foundations or through crowdfunding campaigns, for instance) is definitely a way to work together, we can explore options and are open to proposals.

Finally, we keep the membership fee low since we don’t want that to be an obstacle to be part of the network - we are more interested in the contribution members can give with the time and participation, the exchanges and the shared development of tools, campaigns, advocacy, etc. You can choose who and how and we’re quite flexible with the timing.

So my suggestion is - why don’t you apply now and test it for a year, let’s see if we can do something together! To do so, you just need to fill this form:

And, if possible, send a short video (3min max) presenting OFN and why you want to be part of RIPESS EU. The General Assembly will validate new members on the 8th September afternoon…

You can also participate in the GA meeting online - all you need to do is to register here and you’ll receive the detailed programme and instructions to access:

I hope I answered most of your questions / doubts. Happy to have a chat as well.

In solidarity,


Feedback round

1st iteration: we clear the pros and cons of joining the organization. (what questions do you have? have you experience of working with them? etc…)
2nd iteration: we come to an agreement after 3 weeks (eg.: we all join,OR part of us join, OR none of us join)
Final iteration : we let Ripess know what the outcome.


3 weeks from date of post (after deadline, no further community feedback accepted)

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I’d be equally happy for any instance to join and just represent the whole OFN global community there. Feels like if you have a relationship @ferrazfil you could just go for it. If anyone else is keen then of course that is also awesome and thanks for sharing the information.

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I am not sure I understand why it is urgent to take a decision now …
Ripess also is an intercontinental network, not only an European one.

If you are asking the European groups if they want to join Ripess Europe, I would rather say we could discuss the kind of network we want and then decide if we want to join an existing network and then which one would be the most helpful for our needs …

well in my view the reason to join earlier rather than is based in two aspects:

  • we could more easily participate in joint funding proposals under an umbrella organization (and funding is desperately needed)
  • there are some instances that need more local support to strengthen their position. Potentially networks like Ripess (and Urgency) could provide some support in this aspect by spreading through their established contacts around Europe where we are and what are our current needs. This is not only for newly starting instances, but for some who have been quite strong and lately have been going through difficulties.

It’s great they are an intercontinental network and possibly in the future we could consolidate this aspect, but I guess we need to start somewhere. Might be easier to have an initial discussion with a smaller group rather than all instances.

We need a discussion about what kind of network we want to be, regardless of joining another umbrella organization… in my personal view we need an EU OFN, however that is a discussion that will take some time to arrive to a conclusion, and joining (or not) Ripess does not exclude that discussion from also taking place. In the meantime, we could be benefiting for some resources Ripess has very generously offered.

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@ferrazfil Sounds useful to join it. I’m for it if it can open doors and they can help.

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In OFN TR’s point of view, I see no reason not to join. Thanks @ferrazfil