Should we conduct a survey regarding possible integration partners?

What third party systems best support the mission of OFN in various categories? E.g.

Community Relations

How should they be integrated?

Might make for sense to take this question up in the #interoperability channel on Slack and post findings or proposals here?

Dolibarr erp connection would be nice

Dolibarr has much to offer. How would you see it used?

It can used to sync products, prices, stocks and also import directly in Doliparr from OFN new customers, orders, payments. It would save a lot of duplicate work and improve efficiency.


Perhaps we could pick a couple integration points and see what’s involved in hooking them up.

Dolibarr doesn’t seem to have a low/no code way of working with it. I’m wondering what the actual integration process would be.


Aloha again.

I get that backend services for providers need to be smooth. At the same time, it seems to me that customer facing services are what drive demand for backend services.

One option might be to connect OFN to something like this

People would plan their meals, and that predicts to some degree what they will want to buy. Providers can use this knowledge of specific demand to optimize sales.

Granted, this is much more practical for micro farms and garden products. In our case however, that is our user base.