Shop Preferences Panel

The Enterprise Management Panel enables the User to customise how their shopfront or other functions work. It currently supports the basics, like: contact, social media, images, about us etc.

The Shop Preferences panel enables customisation of:

  • Message box that appears on shopfront e.g. news this week; your order must include a box etc [potential over-ride in order cycle]
  • Shop closed - notification message and Button/link to the Hub’s external website
  • Set order that taxons appear in Shopfront e.g. boxes first; specials
    first Implemented in Shop Preferences

Additional features being considered for this page


  • Control which contact info appears where / address privacy e.g. display options for contact name; phone number; address; email [Enterprises can set ‘non-contactable’ option e.g. only via Food Hubs G#326


  • Message box (describe price structure) that appears on order confirmation and email confirmation to explain fees that are included in product prices


  • Set preference for order products appear within taxon groups (e.g. alphabetical)
  • Set ‘must include’ against a taxon e.g. order must include a box
  • Control how appears on map e.g. blur exact
  • Producers can set preferences for how they receive order emails (total or split by customer) etc