Setting a space in the global webpage to inform about the OFN europe project

Current context:
There currently is a group of people working on setting potential scenarios to set a legal form for OFN Europe (base/office etc…) and earlier in the Summer 2021 a agreement had been made among different instances in the european region to work togeather when applying for eu funding.

what is the problem?
This is information is only known within our internal community, we have not communicated this to the outside world, and despite having been successful to grab the attention of different european partnership groups (applying for funding) another very different situation is to convince evaluators of the proposals we are indeed committed to working together and sharing our resources when we are not set in a formal legal structure yet.

what is the proposal?
to let the outside world understand we are working together and how we are doing this (while still not knowing how this will be formalized).

to create a short addition to the global webpage, called OFN europe initiative. Here we could describe in a paragraph what is our current commitment (to support each other in different countries in the european territory, this would include non-EU countries but within European region) and would show also a collective map of all the OFNs that are part of this vision. (the visualization of the map is very important, probably what has drawn so much interest from different partnerships). We can have as footnote, that we are working on the formalization of this alliance, something that we foresee to happen during 2022.

Please do let me know what you think about it? (There are possibly tech aspects that I am totally missing as I am not a soft. dev.)
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I think you can just feel free to do this @ferrazfil
You’ll just need a log in to the wordpress site. Shall I send you one?

Since adding pages to a wordpress site does not require tech skills I would suggest the best route here (if you don’t already know how) is to watch some youtube videos. If that doesnt help maybe someone like Kay in the UK team can show you and record it so anyone can in future.

@lin_d_hop, thank you for the post. My intention here was mainly to see if this was something others would be comfortable with. If so, then to understand if it is technically easy to do, then to ask if someone (from the europe channel) can volunteer to do it. I really just need to put my attention on the proposals and the avalanche of emails that are coming in on daily basis (this will probably continue till mid of February).

About the wordpress aspect would it be easy to show in one map all the users of OFN on the different countries? (and no, I really don’t know much about wordpress though I believe you when you say it is easy enough to work with).

@Petros_OFN_GR will be taking the lead on this task. @lin_d_hop would it be possible to share the log-ins with him? Maybe you could also just share Kay’s Slack handle with him, to make things easier (in case he does need help).