Selling more than available qty? bug?

This week and last, our cycle seems to have allowed us to sell more than we had available in our listing.
BTW We are not using the inventory feature.
For some reason or other we have negative product levels. Is this a bug? Is it a problem with people having items in their basket from prior weeks when they did not fullfill an order, a cache problem?
This week a product that was marked as 0 in availability to not show up in the cycle (Mellegård - sommer honning ) and was not visible on the OC when we checked it upon opening. Yet when we closed our cycle, we see it has been ordered leading to -1 qty
Any ideas?
ping @RohanM @sstead @sigmundpetersen

I vaguely recall that there’s a setting somewhere . . at instance level (in configuration) that controls whether you can sell beyond inventory or whether it stops when out of stock . . check the configuration settings?

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Is it this one? Don’t mind the strange language, it’s Norwegian :slight_smile:

brilliant, that must be the problem. thanks have changed the settings now.