Resources to help get hubs set up quickly

The past few weeks have seen a huge mobilisation of food enterprises coming online. OFN Instances are creating a number of tools to help streamline this process.
Please add to this list!

1. OFN UK Quick Start Guide

This is a quick guide for enterprises including videos, links to the user guide etc to help get enterprises set up quickly.

2. OFN UK Producer Set Up Guide

A quick one pager for producers with the most basic possible set of instructions - with videos and user guide links. It ignores enterprise relationships in order to make this as simple and possible.

3. Questions for new Hubs (OFN UK)

Lots of people come along wanting to set up food hubs without really knowing what it entails. This set of questions is designed to help get newcomers thinking about what it means to set up a food hub and how their food hub might work. Also helps instance managers to understand what the person is talking about.

4. Quick Producer Sign Up Spreadsheet (OFN UK)

Many of the people setting up Hubs at a rapid pace at the moment are setting up a dozen producers in one go. Coordinating a number of producers quickly is a challenge. Feedback from a number of hub managers is that it is better to do this over the phone and just get all of their information in one phone call. This spreadsheet is designed to make that process easy.

5. Product list for import Spreadsheet (OFN NZ)
You can enter your products one by one through the products function. This can be tedious if you have a largish range. For this is probably easier to complete a spreadsheet and upload them in one go. We’ve tried to make this easy by creating a google sheet.

  1. Copy this to your google drive, or download to a spreadsheet program,
  2. Make the changes to fit your situation – add in your enterprise name, product description, etc. (there are notes in the headings to help – these are taken from the user guide), see import page for a list of possible categories for products, taxes, and shipping
  3. Export it as a csv
  4. Upload it use the import function

Then all you need do is add your pictures. The best format for these is 400 x 400, or less.

If you are using inventory to manage stock levels then by setting the ‘on hand’ field to zero the product will be in your list yet wont appear to the customer. (From:


Lots of producers are very busy producing food. Stroudco has been tapping into the huge pool of volunteers self-isolating in front of their computers and giving them these instructions to register new producers and get their products online ready to sell through a food hub.