Release testing

I’m concerned that it’s a big jump to suddenly release twice a week. We should first adopt the reduced manual testing. Than we can try to increase the release frequency. But we also need to optimise our processes for that. Maybe a tester can decide when they have time for a release test? Then they can just test whatever is in master at the moment. They communicate the version they tested and we can prepare a release based on that. We can then release and deploy as often as testers have time to do the release testing. And if we want testers to do it more often, we have to reduce their work.

Hi @malikmuz

At the moment we’re only releasing once a week - I’m not sure where the conversation is happening around doing it twice a week but as far as I’m aware it’s a once a week thing.

Hello I believe this post is a duplicate of Release testing next steps ?

What’s the best process close this one or the other?

I think we can close this one. @malikmuz pleased comment on the other topic