Release numbering

Hi, can I just check, how are the release numbers determined? They seem to be going up by small increments (0.7.3 to 0.7.4). What defines when a 0.8 release occurs? Or a 1.0?

we’re saving 1.0 for when we can say ‘that’s the basic open food network, and people can do the open food network thing’ e.g. all relationships and permissions stuff in place and self-manageable. Aiming for end of may

0.8 - don’t know really. any suggestions? @oeoeaio @RohanM

Might it be worth following ?

first glance suggests overly complex having to work that out / decide which one it is each time, especially while there aren’t many people (that we know of) building things that connect to it?

Just keeping everybody up to date.

We are trying to follow semantic versioning. But since our development cycles are still very quick, every release has an increment of the minor version, for example from 1.3 to 1.4. We do use patch release for some quick fixes and for new localisation files.