Reflections on the sharing of case studies / Creation of an international case studies template

Hi everyone,

As you may have heard during the global gathering, Open Food France has handed over the “commercial” management of the Open Food software to a cooperative called CoopCircuits, and will focus on the production of open source tools and knowledge serving the efficiency and multiplication of short food supply chains.

With this in mind, we are going to start carrying out case studies of short food supply chains in France, the aim of which is to better understand the ecosystem, share good recipes, avoid mistakes - and make Open Food a key partner for project managers.

These case studies will take the form of - long - interviews with the managers of short food supply chains. We have written the accompanying facilitation guide, which is not intended to be strictly followed, but provides a framework for the discussions and will allow a certain homogeneity / comparability in case studies.

We were thinking that it might be interesting to have a common international framework/template for case studies, so that we could also relay inspiring cases from abroad.

What do you think about this idea? How do you find this guide? Maybe some of you have already worked on facilitation guides and could share them? Do you have any process ideas for sharing inspiring examples from one OFN community to another?

We would be very happy to discuss these topics with you, on this forum or via a call?

@NickWeir @lynne - Myriam has directly thought of you on these topics - but can you invite anyone who might be interested to this discussion?

Many thanks!

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Hi everyone !
You will find our facilitation guide - presented by @samuel.feller - with this link :
Feel free to comment or complete it :slight_smile:

@samuel.feller We did a global project to pull together case study questions:

But nothing on how to then structure the output.

Actually we did also have a suggested template for collating answers, but it hasn’t been brought into use:

Thanks a lot @Jen. This is all very interesting. We have already carried out several case studies in France : we will soon come back to you with a proposal for a structured output. We will then be able to think about a harmonized working method.

Have you already produced case study reports?

@NickWeir you talked about 2 folks in UK working on those topics, can you invite them in that conversation ?

I will invite:
Francesca Monticone
Sanjay Mistry

Hi folks - we did a project in OFN-CAN over the past 2 years where we ‘tech enabled’ online food networks in 4 different communities. We don’t call these ‘chains’ because we learned that a ‘chain’ (like a single food hub or something - quickly moves to networks using the OFN tools. (Indeed, I’d say that is the strength of the OFN platform). This is a brief report. It is redacted to remove some enterprise names and sales information at the request of the participants. One community asked not to be included in the report - so thats why this public version of the report only shares a summary of 3 communities. Each of these could be a longer more elaborate case study of course - and we are considering this. Here is our recent post on the project with the link to the full report