Proximity search testing

@RohanM @Kirsten eems to be working well to me… a few minor things…

  • A few places didn’t seem to be recognised in the search (ie Sunshine, and Heywood). Both should have returned search results, but didn’t, seemingly because google didn’t recognise them?

  • The profile only listings don’t show how many Kms away they are (see below). But still seems to order them by proximity.

I’m inclined to say push it and log the fixing of the profile only listing on github? not sure about the places that weren’t recognised - what do you think @RohanM?

I think that’s likely an issue with Google’s geocoding. You can confirm this by using the console. If you open the chrome console, it’ll say “zero results” when you search and it can’t find a place.

Sometimes this can be solved by adding the state or country to the search, ie. “Sunshine, Victoria”. If this is a major issue, we could look at ways to do that behind the scenes to get better results.