Proposing a new time for the Global Gathering each month

Hi everyone!

I was speaking with @tschumilas this morning (her afternoon) about the timing for the global gathering, and how it would be worth looking into whether there is a different time we could hold it that meant @lauriewayne1 didn’t have to get up at 4am to attend.

And I think I found one!

It just means that Europe will have to come on late…which is what Australia has been doing for years so it shouldn’t be too hard :grinning: and at least it means that our North American counterparts aren’t getting up in the dark to attend.

@NickWeir @MyriamBoure @Rachel @MSFutureFarm @sauloperez @luisramos0 @kristinalim @maikel @Jen @lin_d_hop @Matt-Yorkley @sigmundpetersen @Theodore @lauriewayne1 @tschumilas what say you all - shall we change it?

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I had been thinking about this too after feeling much sympathy for the 4am meeting!

The only other possibility I wondered about is a swapping by 12 hours to alternate the crummy timing, but that seems fraught with danger of confusion over when the meeting is on. I’m not near a computer to check how this suggested time plays out when daylight savings switches time differences

Yes ! Let’s do this :slight_smile:

Oh you all are so nice, but honest, I do not at all mind waking up at 4am. I do it anyway and it is the one meeting I have all month that I know I will not get a schedule conflict on! If you ever saw me at an 11pm meeting you would know why I feel so sorry for those who have to meet then. :sleeping:

Not to be an ingrate here, but if you are doing it just for me, let’s keep the current meeting time. If it’s better for others (I am thinking about our colleagues in either AUS or Europe) then I will certainly do my very best to be on board - it’s during the work day so there is better chance that I will be pulled away, but it also might encourage more Americanos (del sud tambien) to jump on board in the future.

I know, I’m a freak - blame the years of living near roosters. :rooster:

For me it’d be great not to have a break from the 11pm time slot. But then again, daylight savings ends in April and it’s back to 9pm which is far more bearable.

@lauriewayne1 and @MSFutureFarm and @tschumilas what time is it for you all when daylight savings switches over? Do you have daylight savings or is it always the same time? #ignorantofhowothercountriesdotime :smile:

I’m okay with 6:00 AM for Manila above. :slight_smile:

Actually… I’m the only one from Manila, and my schedule is flexible. I’m also perfectly okay with an even earlier schedule, if that will be better for everyone in Europe.

@danielle we have the most ridiculous daylight savings scheme here in the US. Some states don’t even observe it and it the day it starts/ends is offset from other countries that use it by a week or something - but in most places in the US it starts this Sunday morning when we move our clocks forward, and then I think there is some oracle with some magical items who is consulted some time around the 4th of July to find out when we get the hour back in the fall.

Hey there, I have no objection to switch if that’s better for other, so I let you all discuss and decide. Happy to take turns on who go late to bed if the people most concerned wants that, I think it’s fair !

Nothing else to add to what @MyriamBoure said. Whatever works best for us all.

I am willing to go for 10pm UK time. I have to admit that (unsurprisingly) I would prefer the current time (12 noon GMT) :slight_smile:

I am working closely with a new team in South Africa and hoping that they will join the global community soon. They are 2 hours ahead of GMT so the new time would be midnight for them - but of course they may not want to join the global calls anyway so we should not put too much weight on this possibility.

In summary - I am willing to go with the consensus on this and I like Myriam’s idea of switching alternate months

@tschumilas and @danielle how about you make a call on this? Our next meeting is next Tuesday. I could do 10pm GMT that day.

This will be the final 11pm call for us before daylight savings makes it 9pm. So I’ll let @tschumilas have the final word, I can handle one more late night this time around and look at the potential for a change next southern hemisphere summer…

South African OFN

Howzit. Just trying to find my way through all the bread crumbs :wink: I am going to add this to my schedule and will make an attempt to join a call at the time decided on by all. I have another call next Wed week with guys from FarmOS where I need to be online in the evening.

For now, I am an interested observer.

It will be great to have you in the call @MorgsJohn. Here is the agenda and joining instructions

Given we are heading to daylight savings (like @laurie, I’ll be changed over before our next call on March 12) - and daylight savings moves east and west closer together - lets stay with our current schedule for the spring/summer. When east and west have to move further apart again in the fall maybe we can revisit. So - next global call stays the same - March 12 - will be 8:00 am Toronto EST and 11:00 pm in Melbourne. Set your schedules accordingly.

Well that is 5am for me, practically lunch time! :slight_smile:

Just recording here that April is the month of the year where we should do our half-yearly switch to a the time that is 9pm for Australian users