Product Vision - Update

Hello everyone,
the product circle has been working on the product vision and wanted to give an update on what has been done so far, where we stand and what the next steps are.
To define the product vision, we need to answer the following questions that help us breaking down the process in chunks that we have been working on over the last months during product circle meetings or async.

1.Who is our target customer?
2.What is the problem space (=problem/needs of our core customer)?
3a. How efficient does OFN solve those problems/needs?
3b. How important / painful are the needs that are not solved by OFN software yet?
4.Which of the core customer´s needs OFN should focus on?
For this we need to understand what the needs are that OFN is willing AND able to solve?

  • Which are needs is OFN capable to solve (e.g. Logistics planning might be better done by existing Logistics providers & software and OFN provides the integration)?

  • Which are the needs that OFN should / is aiming to solve?
    How do the needs relate to our values and vision statement:
    A world where fair, open food & farming networks (re)connect people and regenerate the earth.

5.Identify Themes
6.Prioritize Themes -> Roadmap

1)Define the Core Customer

As core customer we defined the Manager of a moderately complex food enterprice (MCFE).
This does not mean that there not other important user types but as the main user type / persona that the product strategy should focus on.
This chart gives an overview of stakeholders that the MCFE Manager interacts with.

2) Define the Problem Space
We then mapped out the needs of the Core Customers across the entire user journey,
starting with needs around acquisition like

  • I need to find customers and
  • I need to connect with producers

to order/sales related needs like

  • I need to prepare & pack orders
  • I need to deliver food to people

to needs at the “end” of the user journey like

  • I need to retain customers.

and for each step mapped the interactions with the different stakeholders (e.g. shoppers or producers).

In the next step we checked if

  • these needs are solved by OFN software or
  • by external tools and workarounds

After synthesising the (huge amount of) information of the previous step, we are currently working on
3a. How efficient does OFN solve those problems/needs?
We evaluating how well the needs that are currently already (partly) addressed by OFN are met
For this each of the needs is rated across 4 dimensions:

  • User Satisfaction
  • Time Spent on task
  • Importance of task
  • Frequency of task

This screenshot gives a high level recap of the process:

Next Steps?

  • Finish work on 3a) until Feb 10th
  • 3b), until Feb 24th
  • Proposal on Step 4 probably early March that will then go out for community feedback :slight_smile:

The identified and prioritiized themes will then form our product roadmap :sparkles:


Type of Feedback


Feedback round

2nd Update

What is it about?

Hello folks,

here is an update on the next chunk of the product vision / roadmap process.

After finishing the work on
Step 3a. How efficient does OFN solve those problems/needs? (see post above for details)

we followed a similar process to evaluate the needs’ of our core customer, the MCFE (=manager of a moderately complex food hub) that have been identified during the first part of the product vision process, which are not addressed by OFN software yet.

(This screenshot shows mapping of the MCFE´s need along a “user journey”
For more detailed information on each step, please check out this Product Vision Recap presentation.

Step 3a + 3b together lead us to a long list of needs of the MCFE.

Currently we are in the step of narrowing this down to

4. Which of the MCFE´s needs OFN should focus on solving (first)?

Each need has been evaluated under the criteria

1. Is need [xx] important for the MCFE? Does the problem cause a lot of pain for the MCFE?
2. Is solving this need aligned with OFN values?
3. Is OFN in a good position to solve this need, i.e. technical feasibility, or better to handled externally?

Through this process we reached a shortlist of needs, prioritising the product work to address our core customer´s biggest pain points.

Before moving on to use this shortlist of needs to develop a Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 roadmap, the next steps are to have this shortlist

  1. Validated by our core customers
  2. Approved by the community

It became clear that in order to do so, we need to reach a common understanding for each need

  • what it really is about and
  • what is the actual pain point for our users

We figured the best way to do so, was doing short videos for each need describing

  • Why is this an important need for the MCFE
  • What is currently painful (using OFN software or workarounds)

(Big thanks to @Lynne, @Rachel, @tschumilas & @Renata to transfer their valuable knowledge in a video format :sparkles: :pray:
As a great side effect, like this we are able to capture & document the knowledge about how OFN works and what is needed for short supply chains in an easy accessible format)

While in parallel, the preparation for 4b.: Validate prioritised needs shortlist with core users is underway, the product team wanted to share the first proposal of this shortlist.

The full list can be found here


  • This shortlist is not in a order of priority yet.
  • This shortlist will be validated with User Interviews.
  • the outcome of the user research might adjust the priorities for Horizon 1 and 2

After we have this user-validated shortlist of needs, this goes out for community feedback/ approval


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