Product/producer properties not visible for filtering.. (organic/biodynamic...)

I can no longer choose producer/product properties to filter . (Organic, biodynamic…)
I just checked on Stroudco to see if it was only a norwegian problem and it looks like something is buggy there too.
@NickWeir @lin_d_hop have you seen this?

When I click on the little circle where they should be I get:

any ideas? @pmackay @oeoeaio

@CynthiaReynolds I think it should have been fixed in v1.8.5. Apologies, I didn’t realise this issue made it out into a release…

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excellent :slight_smile: thanks for the quick response!

It works fine for me

that is very odd. I tried it in both Chrome and Firefox on both the norwegian and Uk servers… and got the same thing. But it sounds like we will have a fix in this latest release :slight_smile: