Product prices with up to 5 decimal places or more


(I’m not sure if I should be going through another process before raising a specific feature request, so let me know if I should, as I’d be happy to talk more about the context that let me here)

What is the need / problem ?

Product prices are limited to two decimal places (at least in the Australian instance with AUD).

I’ve been investigating whether our bulk food cooperative would be able to function using the Open Food Network. We buy food in bulk in advance, and on distribution days people fill their own containers and pay for the exact weight (to nearest 10g) of product. As OFN cannot record quantities in decimal places (see Allow non integer quantities to be ordered), I’m considering setting up 1g products (easier to manage than 10g). Setting up 100 variants for a 1kg product seems impractical.
For example product is $4.45/kg, which is $0.00445/g. OFN will automatically round this to $0.00/g.

Who does it impact ?

Anyone attempting to sell very small ‘products’ in this way, that is, selling by weight.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

As the product price is rounded, it’s not possible to sell with the correct price.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

Allowing bulk food cooperatives such as ours to sell and track inventory with accuracy.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

To cater for any currency, I think the general solution would be:

  • Product prices may allow any (reasonable) level of decimals
  • Order line items are always rounded to the current currency

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