Product List and Inventory Download

What is the need / problem ?

Currently there is no way for a user to get a download of their products and product data (variants, stock, category…) or of their over-rides (inventory). having this capacity was discussed at the time we developed the import tool - Bulk Import of Product / Inventory.

Its great to have the capacity to import products/inventory from a file - but without the capacity to build this file from a download, users are faced with deleting all existing products and starting fresh to create a new product import file.

Who does it impact ?

All users with products.

What is the current impact of the problem ?

Users have to create a product import file, eventhough they have all their products in the OFN system. they can get data in, but not out.

What is the benefit of focusing on this ?

We’ve been attracting larger users. On OFN-CAN, most users have over 100 products. The product import tool is great - but users who want to switch to using it cannot do so without re-creating all their products.

Potential solutions that will solve the problem ?

[brainstorming to list feature candidates]
A report that downloads products, variants, prices, and current stock on hand - from the product list, and downloads any overrides of these products in inventory. Ideally searchable by order cycle.

Selection of a feature candidate

[value x ease matric if needed]

T-shirt size of our selected feature candidate

Metrics to measure if need is satisfied after feature is implemented

Feature owners

Epic/projet where you can follow implementation

Connected wishlist and discovery discussions*

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