Product curation meeting notes January 11th 2021

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

  1. Mobile shopping improvements (@Erioldoesdesign + @maikel)

In play

  1. KPIs & Metabase (@Jana + @sauloperez) - no movements. from previous. Discussion still needed.
    Kirsten asked for slack reports
    A syncing issue was discovered. Syncing not working - is it an S2. Work to understand this better.
    Is metabase part of our core operations?
    Consider new infrastructure things on workload.

  2. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @apb ) out and live. Successfully took payments with it. Some things still in pipe. Will not go out this week but in next release. 1 last feedback then tested and out a week from tomorrow.

  3. Refactoring Adjustments ( @Matt-Yorkley ) #6402 - Back porting adjustments from Spree 2. 2 + refactoring job. Paypal PR in code review. A few other blocked issues. How much resourcing is this taking. Can this be better scoped? How long and how much resource or phased and split.
    We moved this forward because it needed to be done before tax reports.

  4. Harmonizing customer balances ( @sauloperez ) - Filipe is due to start testing. Pau open draft PR for the front office. Approx 1 (10hr) week. Then reports. Reports will likely take longer. Then think about rollout.

  5. Platform T&Cs for Shoppers - two tiny epics 1 (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez )

Next Up

Ready To Go

Consumer price comparison / Unit price (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign + @sauloperez ) - Ready to be picked up! Kick off done.

In Inception

Tax Reports (@lin_d_hop + @Rachel + @Matt-Yorkley) - Blocked by the work on adjustments. Final inception pieces to be done by Lynne:

Backoffice UI Uplift 2 - Some bits In Review and conversation, others bits In Design. Community feedback is finished. blocked by framework choice on react or reactive rails

Next part of improved reporting: to be discussed (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel ). Eriol needs a briefing or re-briefing to make any movements.

Ready for Inception



Checkout page update

  • finished user testing - @Erioldoesdesign will link results here
  • We have all the info we need to understand how to best checkout from user perspective
  • Do we want to move into design of improved checkout, with @Erioldoesdesign in discussion with dev about making sure improved adjustments?
  • this has come from NEED for adjustments. Still some unsureness about how much is needed
  • We couldn’t implement this until decision on Reactive Rails / React
  • BUT we do need a clear view of adjustment requirements for Checkout. So @Erioldoesdesign will work with @Matt-Yorkley’s notes and discussion, to understand best path forward, progress designs, with understanding that we also need to manage dev resources and can’t progress until we have framework decision

API Process - 15 mins

  • We need to understand API to make the right decision on Reactive Rails/React, as well as because we are clear that we need and want to prioritise our API as part of our product
  • Having an API-first strategy as a product/business decision is connected to but not dependent to framework. IT IS choosing a 2nd product, regardless of whether we then dogfood the API or not
  • We have agreed that we want our API to be a new product / part of our product
  • Working on the product needs / endpoints is the right next step for understanding what we need to do - it will also reveal insights re. JSON vs. DFC
  • Looking at all these use cases - I find it very hard to see how we would get to dogfooding any of these within 12 months if we did choose React. We would be
  • Use Cases:
    • we prioritise and select those that we want delivered in 2021
    • we look at how many of those would be delivered by dog-fooding in 2021
    • we use that info to support our framework decision

Explore Backoffice UI Uplift alongside Full-Width Layout #24 - 15 mins

  • Inception pipe issue
  • Catalogue of issues in admin backend - google slides
  • Suggested next steps:
    • @Erioldoesdesign (and @filipefurtado and @Jana ) to go through and identify which issues are actually introduced by this PR - we need to make sure we’re not making it worse with this PR
    • Then Product / Dev to review those (that have been introduced by this PR) and recommend which ones need to be fixed before we can merge
    • perhaps then start picking off other things that become part of UX/UI papercuts - and are we actually going to address Backoffice UX/UI awfulness at some point and how?

NEXT MEETING: @Jana to facilitate :slight_smile:

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