Product curation meeting notes February 8th 2021

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

  • KPIs: split in Metabase and Matomo for now. This is ongoing work generally but is now out of the priority list in product curation. (@Jana + @sauloperez)

  • Explore Backoffice UI Uplift alongside Full-Width Layout #24 - closed because there is no task. In prod since the last release.

In play

  1. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @apb )

    • Subscriptions email has been done and is being tested.
    • Posted to SCA channel and update on progress.
    • This Issue part of the epic: Is this high priority? Does it need lots of re-work? Can we move out of epic and lower on the priority list. How many subs emails will fail? What bugs do we anticipate? Think about the impact. Documentation issue. Global rollout discussion around depreciated parts. Testers should test both stripe connect and stripe SCA ready for release.
    • Decision from Product Curation team re. This Issue: Investigate the questions above around this last issue in the epic.
  2. Refactoring Adjustments ( @Matt-Yorkley ) #6402 - Slowly moving along! Feeling blocked by a PR to be merged that got merged on the 7th Feb. More work in code review and dev now, in code review soon.

  3. Harmonizing customer balances ( @sauloperez ) - @Rachel is going to be product support on this.

    • Pau got one report out today fro OC managements. Two more reports to check. Hope that others are similar to the done issues.
    • Think about the rollout.
    • Toggled for one user and will toggle for the whole instance soon.
    • PR 6801 was affected by CI. Been stuck for a week. Merge it and see.
    • Pau is creating an issue per report.
  4. Consumer price comparison / Unit price (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign + @sauloperez )

    • Kick-off meeting was 8th Feb.
    • Split the work into FE tasks and BE tasks. Andy will be on BE once SCA is completed and Andy has migrated the US server.
  5. Platform T&Cs for Shoppers - two tiny epics 1 (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez )

    • A dev asked for issues to do with customer balances. Pau is asking if they could work on that if they are an experienced RoR dev.
    • The issues might be very fast.
    • Either @maikel or @Matt-Yorkley @sauloperez could pick this up once they have the capacity after their other work.


  • Is in dev ready but who is assigned
  • Pau proposed moving to Github actions. It’s free! Do we get the resources we need? Will it be flaky?
  • Do we need to make adjustments to the test suite?
  • Semaphore is old, when will they stop that product.
  • Tiny Ubuntu(?).
  • Timebox estimate: 1(to 2) hours to config (if @sauloperez copies) Pau to investigate.
  • @sauloperez to do a spike.

Rail upgrade 5.0

  • Being worked on

Contributor in play

  1. Map improvements from Julie PR Improving user discover on ofn map
    • Just needs code review by whoever is available

Next Up

  • None

Ready To Go

Rails 5.2 upgrade

  • Rails 5.2 upgrade is not on in-play
  • Two things on @Matt-Yorkley 's rails list is blocking other things
  • Rails 5.0 is green build ready for review and testing.
  • Matt has looked at the next updates and considers them ‘small’.
  • This needs to be above the work that is blocked by this upgrade.
  • Can Luis pick this up for fun?
  • Prioristing decision: Talk about in next product curation.

In Inception / In Design

Backoffice UI Uplift - phase 1

Split Checkout page, Discourse Post here, Inception Pipe Issue here

  • Then @Erioldoesdesign will start to work on designs next week.
  • Meeting this week.

Tax Reports

  • Next part of improved reporting: To be discussed (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel ). Eriol needs a briefing or re-briefing to make any movements
  • Blocked until further notice.

Ready for Inception

OFN Styleguide


  • @Mario is back to day job and working out OFN capacity.


Maps compliance

  • Costa Rica team re. google
  • OSM and google GEO coders mixed in a way that is not compliant
  • Article from Costa Rica needs to be analysed
  • How has the Costa Rica team configure?
  • France: Invoice compliant vs. maps compliance decision and chose Invoice.
  • Wait on CR’s issue and it’s related to their set-up.
  • Eriol has a person who wants to help with anything geocode-y if anyone has capacity to reach out to them to ask for what we need.

Prioritization Issue:
Design a bottleneck? What can be done make it smoother?

  • Design volunteers backed out of helping recently.

@Rachel to facilitate

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