Product curation meeting notes February 22nd 2021

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

None but SCA and customer balances are really close!

In play

  1. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @apb )
    Really really really close to be completely done :muscle: We are fixing remaining s3 to not introduce heavy regressions.

  2. Refactoring Adjustments ( @Matt-Yorkley ) - In progress

  3. Harmonizing customer balances ( @sauloperez ) - Dev work is done except one remaining parts on orders that we need to check. If not needed, we just need to toggle the feature properly and get it rolled-out with the following plan:

    • FR during one week, if everything works:
    • All instances get the improved balances, and if everything works:
    • We remove the code for the old balances and the toggle
      If we see heavy bugs, the toggle will help us to switch back super quickly on the previous version of the balances
  4. Consumer price comparison / Unit price (@Jana + @Erioldoesdesign + @sauloperez + @jibees )
    JB started working on the frontend for the shopper side, first PR has been merged . We ll continue frontend work on Admin side behind feature toggle until backend work can be picked up.

  5. Continuous Integration (CI)
    Pau’s spike is done. We will start using Github’s CI over the next two weeks to see if it works better. All details here

  6. Rail upgrade 5.0
    The first bit is in test ready :tada:

  7. Platform T&Cs for Shoppers (@lin_d_hop + @sauloperez )
    Waiting to be picked-up

Contributor in play

  1. Map improvements with Julie PR Improving user discover on ofn map - This is waiting for Julie to be back.

Next Up

Ready To Go

  • Spike on performance: which are our slowest pages currently? (See discussion point on performance below)

  • Rails 5.2 upgrade
    Blocked by Rails 5.0 upgrade

  • Tax Reports (@lin_d_hop + @Matt-Yorkley) - The rocket is on the launch pad


  • Backoffice UI Uplift - phase 1
    Waiting for @Kirsten to prepare GIthub issue
    Blocked by Rails 5.2 upgrade.

  • Split Checkout page - Discourse Post here, Inception Pipe Issue here
    Waiting for product and dev feedback before issuing for community feedback

  • Improved reporting - Next part of improved reporting: To be discussed (@Erioldoesdesign + @Rachel ). A chat to onboard design on the report section needs to happen

Ready for Inception


  • Networking pt 2 The continuation of this work will wait until @Mario returns.
    • Mario is back to day job and working out OFN capacity.



  • @Jana to create an issue to set up up an automated tasks to fetch the data that @maikel did manually recently. We agreed to move this straight to dev ready under the s2.


  • Some instances (especially CA and DE right now) would like to have Metabase set up for their instances. We need to first get Metabase more stable. @apb will look at how to fix it and will call @Matt-Yorkley to the rescue if needed. @Jana are you happy to create an s2 for the synchronization problem?


  • How to prioritize performance work without jeopardizing our pipe was the last big topic today. It turns out we first need to do a spike to understand our potential performance problems.
    We agreed to prioritize this spike pretty soon: it becomes the number 1 next up thing in “ready to go”
  • For all problem related to reports a second spike would need to be prioritize on performance quick wins like async. processes. Otherwise, the improved reporting projects should answer this need.

@Jana to facilitate

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I think that this is about confirming the map location:

Julie responded a few days ago and I reviewed the PR again. I made some suggestions which Julie might work on. Otherwise it would take a core dev less than a day to finish it off.