Product curation meeting notes December 14th 2020

Current view of roadmap

Finished since last meeting

  1. Rails Upgrade 4.1 and Rails Upgrade 4.2 (@Matt-Yorkley) It’s in production!
    :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

In play

  1. Mobile shopping improvements (@Erioldoesdesign + @maikel) - Final tweaks on shopfront being worked on by @maikel we are almost there!

  2. KPIs & Metabase (@Jana + @sauloperez) - This work is now separate from the global metrics tasks. There is an open question around how queries are picked up by dev team or if this should be done within a tech support and sysadmin pipe. Action for @sauloperez @lin_d_hop @Jana and @Rachel to think about a next steps here. Also UK could be set up with Metabase: an issue has to be created and prioritised next meeting.

  3. Stripe SCA compliance - Subscriptions (@lin_d_hop + @apb ) - The work has been split in 2 (front-end & back-end). Both are ready to go, it allows shoppers to be charged on a default card they have added - and get the SCA checks. In progress: smoothing the process when a purchase is failing due to SCA. Roll-outs for EU instances managers is here: Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliance - #3 by lin_d_hop Non EU instances managers can sit back and relax: we will ping you when something important happens

  4. Refactoring Adjustments ( @Matt-Yorkley ) #6402 - Backporting adjustments from Spree 2. 2 + refactoring job.

  5. Harmonizing customer balances ( @sauloperez ) - some performance issues have made us realize how inconsistent customer balances can be. We are trying to fix most of the problems while staying conscious of time and not make that aspect explode timing wise

Next Up

Ready To Go

In Inception

  • Tax Reports (@lin_d_hop + @Rachel + @Matt-Yorkley) - Blocked by the work on adjustments: we are waiting on the first results on adjustments refactoring to see if there are impacts on the current designed solutions

  • Backoffice UI Uplift - Some bits In Review, others In Design. We’re waiting on @Kirsten’s return to drive this forward.

  • Next part of improved reporting: to be discussed (@Erioldoesdesign + ?). So far the next part should have been to work on reports consistency (how data are presented accross all reports).

Ready for Inception



  • Feature toggle - @sauloperez has started to introduce this feature for customer balance: this way the new developments are first only seen by a restricted group of people (based on login). In the future this could be used for A/B testing :muscle:

  • Checkout page update (@Erioldoesdesign + @Matt-Yorkley) - Splitting the checkout page in 2 might help on working on adjustments: Eriol is setting a meeting to talk about this and make a decision on how to move forward
    β†’ Until we have a decision here, the issues around removing next buttons to improve UX of current checkout page are parked

  • Governance - Product Curation is the process in which we combine our priorities around tech debt, features, and processes. Right now its difficult to combine all the things and include the community. There was a good discussion about the complications and raising the point that it is a significant governance issue that instances often do not feel heard. @konrad @Jana @Rachel @Erioldoesdesign to continue this discussion.

  • Security discussions - CA will be set up with datadog. It will enable monitoring to get data and understand how to move forward

  • Reminder - Sysadmin discussions - Who is in and who is out on global sysadmin is a follow on conversation to this. This relates to this conversation here.

  • Reminder - Automated testing - @filipefurtado has been working on this in the background removing release testing manual tasks and replacing them with automated tasks. An epic is being populated within #4333. @filipefurtado is leading on this but will require developers as well.

  • API strategy - the product and business cases are not clear yet. We need to clarify our strategy. Two meetings will be planned:

    1. A product - business meeting to lay down our cases. It would be good to have a dev
    2. A dev meeting to do the live version of "Reactive Rails"

@lin_d_hop will set up the first meeting, but we still need someone to volunteer facilitating it.

@Kirsten My apologies, I haven’t managed to record the end of the meeting… Hope the note are helping.