Product circle January 23rd 2024


  • Funded feature process
  • Roadmap & long term funding application

Funded feature process

Lynne was managing most of the process and also helping a lot on estimates. Now we need to fine a process that includes the team without taking too much time.

Some requirements that we’ve mentioned:

  • we could mirror what we have currently for papercuts, and apply them to this process
  • at least, the team should not get contacted every day for new estimates, we need to set up a frequency and a backlog to review

Current proposal is that Rachel comes to next product circle with a list of potential funded features (from the results of previous user research and items most discussed on slack).
From this list we will pick up 3-4 top issues and see with Maikel how we could facilitate the process of estimating them and iterate from there.


The big question is how could we reconcile getting stuff people want on the short term vs getting our long temps roadmap financed (network 2.0, interoperability…).

We have not had time to explore this topic a lot. We went into specific topics:

  • how does the current product refactor “block” potential funded features like product export?
  • can the focus on network 2.0 end up with bigger hubs and push us away from small scale farming / how could we prevent this?
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