Product circle - February 8th 2022


  1. Feature roadmap
  2. Funded features
  3. Product endpoint


Starting from the work on the McFe, the user interviews and previous community discussion we are trying to build a roadmap that we can publish.

This is still work in progress, a couple of decisions :

  • We should focus on 2 horizons only : the short one and the future. Everything put in the future can be ordered by priority, but is mostly a good ground for funded feature work

  • Horizon 2 has mainly topics like discovery / transparency / network. Investment in infrastructure.

Horizon 2 needs to be communicated to funders and inspire new applicants => to be linked with current animation / storytelling work (ofn relaunch) that will be picked-up again when Susan comes back.

Funded features

We’ve discuss possibility for social investments : how could we make this work on the product side? Nothing striking yet, but there are good ideas around the funded feature pipe, even though this would require to fund bigger feature than what we are targeting until now. Lots of process improvement to be made before we can reach this point.

Product endpoint

A meeting will be settled with the european team in order to move forward the inception of this endpoint (funded feature pipe).

Lynne & Matt are the product & tech lead on this topic. Slack channel is product-endpoint