Problems with text

Having issues with the text for products. It looks like the text editor in the product edit page allows for soft returns, but on the shop pages these are removed.

The text editor should display exactly how the text will be shown to visitors, otherwise it’s useless. Not to mention some sort of preview in the backend so we can see how it’s all going to look when live.

In fact I don’t see why a more featured text editor can’t be used. More formatting such as HTML lists (UL, OL), blockquotes, header tags (H2, h3 etc.) is essential in 2020 to allow for us to properly promote and market our products. And it’s an easy fix too.

Hi there @Xocolate, can you tell us which local instance you’re using for your shop? That way the relevant team can help you with your feature request and make sure it’s represented in the prioritisation process. :slight_smile: