Problems with images

Having all kinds of problems with pictures.

I have uploaded 3 pictures for a product, and then assigned each of them to a variant.

Unfortunately none of these pictures then appear as the main product image.

In fact it appears that on the shop where my products appear, the layout does not use the variant pictures anyway.

But I am now unable to edit any of these pictures (I get a message: “image is not found”), or even to delete them (they reappear as soon as I upload a new picture).

And if I upload three pictures to be used for all variants, only one picture is actually used on the main product page.

It appears to me that there’s no real functionality with images, and no way to use multiple images.

Hi again @Xocolate, this similarly is something that your local instance manager can help you out with, in terms of understanding functionality and then feeding any potential changes through to the software team.

Each local instance has it’s own support processes and people managing those who have shops, so as soon as you can let us know which instance you’re on the sooner we can direct your requests to the person who can best help you.

Thanks :slight_smile: