Problem with saving changes in inventory

I’m experiencing a new problem - not sure if its a bug since a recent release? Users are not able to save changes made to inventory.
One of our users - who does this ever week - just brought this to my attention. I’ve tried with several accounts.
See the message on the screenshot below. This happens when trying to save changes in inventory - in the ex below i was trying to save a tag - but it happens when I try to save a price change…

Is this a bug? I haven’t experienced this before. Anyone else having this prob - @sstead @NickWeir @MyriamBoure? @maikel - is it possible this is associated with a recent update? I"m sure it wasn’t a problem last week - I have a user who uses inventory all the time - and it wasn’t a problem last week.
And also - I seem to be able to save to inventory using my super admin login - but no other account.

@tschumilas for bugs you can open directly the issue in Github. In this case yes, if it supposed to work in some way and doesn’t work, it is a bug. I just reproduced it and we didn’t upgrade yet in France, so it’s from before the last release. I open right now an issue on GH as it doesn’t seem there is any workaround, other than modifying source info in product catalog (but not possible in some uses of inventory) or creating a new producer catalog to replace inventory but it’s not a quick workaround…

Closing this post @tschumilas as reported here:

thanks @MyriamBoure - I have to learn how to open a bug in github.
next time.