Private shop: issues

I’m trying to use the “private shop” feature as described here:

Case one:
So as a hub manage I add the email myriam[a] in the customer list of the hub named “AMAP Caen 1”. Then in the hub menu I check “require customers to login”.
In another browser, I login, then clic on the shop, I can access it.

Case two:
As a hub manager, I fill in for the same hub the customer list with a new name: olivier_krener[a], this customer has not yet an account on OFN. So when he clics on the shop link, he sees this message asking him to connect if he has an account, or login.

He doesn’t have an account, so he clicks on “signup” (s’inscrire) and create an account with the same email olivier_krener[a]
But then it’s impossible to access the shop, when I click on the shop page I see that:

The message saying that the shop is only for members.

I can check in the customer list for the hub, the email is in the list…

So it seems to me that if I enter an email for someone who has not yet an account in a customer list, there is a bug, he can’t access the shop if he creates his account after… is that right? Or do I do something wrong?

We want to use that feature or a buying group reserved to members, they have entered the 400 emails addresses, but they don’t manage to access the shop…
@sstead can you tell me if I do something wrong, or if there is a bug?

I see another issue as well… I tried to delete the same customer from the customer list, and the system prevent me to delete it from the hub’s customer list… it says there are orders associated (but the user has never accessed any shopfront!) and even if they were, what if a member based hub wants to delete a member because he is not member anymore?

Again, maybe I’m doing something wrong…

Even stranger… I see two “basket” orders for this user, but he never managed to access the shopfront…

Before opening a GitHub issue, I want to make sure I don’t do something wrong… thank you @sstead for your help!

Hi @MyriamBoure, I’ve had a look and yes, this looks like a bug unfortunately

  1. You should be able to add a customer to the customer list before they are a user on the OFN, then when they signup, they should get ‘customer’ privileges.
  2. You should be able to delete a customer from your customer list regardless of whether they have placed orders in your shop.

Regarding the creation of an order before the customer even sees the shopfront, I’m not sure how/when the software triggers order creation, this may be a bug, or something inherent to how the shops operate. I don’t know, a dev would need to look at this.

Thank you @sstead I created two issues on github:

Here is the pull request for the first bug

Thank you @emak !!! that sounds awesome :slight_smile: If you want to keep on your energy you have the next issue, if you want to keep playing :wink:

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This issue is still open, as there is a more general issue with user verification process, not all email are verified today.