Prioritising severity 3 bugs to be fixed

Hi all, especially @tschumilas, @Kirsten, @Theodore, @rachel, @lin_d_hop, @sauloperez, and @lauriewayne1.

We’ve come up with a way to better allow for fair selection of which severity 3 bugs we put through the delivery pipe.

The process we shall trial

Similar to the process we’ll use for Papercuts, we’ll work in cycles of 6-7 weeks where each active instance will select their most painful S3 bug to be fixed. And we’ll then repeat the cycle, so each 6-7 weeks you’ll be asked to selected your next most painful S3, and so on, and so on, and so on. Simple!

How to select your priority bug

!! Before you do this step, you need to have the Zenhub extension set up in your browser (Firefox and Chrome only). If you haven’t got this set up and need help, yell out on Slack and someone can help you easily enough.

Go to the list of S3 bugs in GitHub

Peruse the list, and find the bug that you want to select as your instance’s priority to be fixed. You may already know which one you want to choose. Good for you! Otherwise, work through the list and find the one that is the most annoying for your instance.

Open the bug issue.

Look on the right hand side of the issue, you’ll see a whole lot of metadata about the bug. Specifically, click on the “Labels” option.

Find your instance label (AU, BE, CA, FR, KAT, UK, US) and add it to the labels list.


Then look above the label option, click on the Pipelines option.


Find the S3 bugs prioritised pipeline option and select it.

Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the issue and add a comment about it being the priority for your instance in the next cycle of fixes.


And that’s it. You’re done. I’ll then collate all the prioritised bugs into the delivery pipe and make sure they’re fixed.

I’ll also have a prompt service set up so that you know when to do your next cycle selection. And you’re welcome to make the decision amongst your instance folk or however you’d like, just make sure once you’ve decided on one you follow the process above to make it official.

-The End-

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We need to have our first round of severity 3 bugs sorted out for the next delivery train meeting (Tuesday morning Europe time, evening Australia time).


As the instance representatives, it’s time for each of you to select your S3 bug! I’ll also ping you all on Slack so that you’re doubly notified :smile:

Note for the delivery team

One thing to note about how we identify this list of prioritised bugs. I’ve put all the current S3s into All the things and only the instance prioritised issues will be in S3 bugs prioritised. I feel that this reduces the noise in that column, and given we’ll be working to complete all S3 bugs with this process we’ll be keeping on top of them without needing them to all be in a single column. Let me know if you have an alternative idea on this.

@danielle did you keep the order of the s3? because I spend quite a lot of time to keep them ordered by priority… :slight_smile:

Oh no! I kept most of them in order, selected all for the majority and moved them over. They should all be at the top of the all the things column. I thought we wouldn’t need the order anymore because the order will be set each cycle? I’m sorry, didn’t realise it was a problem!

@danielle don’t worry. It’s not that important. We won’t order them but we will still need to group them somehow. Because each time you open something new it ends up at the bottom of All the things.

So I’m wondering if we should keep the s3 within the bug backlog. We can easily use the filter to find the ones that have been labeled by a particular instance. And when we have them we can create an epic that is moved then to dev ready?

Lets talk about it at the delivery train meeting. I’m not sure I agree, using the filter On the zenhub board gives you the same view in All the Things so let’s discuss as a group which we prefer :slight_smile:

Time for the next round of S3 bug prioritising!

@Kirsten @EmilyRogers
@rachel @Theodore

As the instance representatives, it’s time for each of you to select your S3 bug! I’ll also ping you all on Slack so that you’re doubly notified :smile: