Printing invoice \ pick list\ or something similar on a 4x6 label

I’m fairly new to Open Food but I have a market that’s successful running right now. I’m interested in figuring out a way to print receipts or pick lists for each customer’s box\bag of products, ideally to either a pdf or directly to a thermal print on 4x6 labels. It would be great if each box had the name of customer, each product purchase, total paid, and contact info. Since all the data is accessible in a CSV I’m sure this is reasonably accomplished. Has anyone already developed a system or have any guidance? Thanks!!!

-Brett Bailey
WayGreen, Waycross GA
Goat & Thistle, Nashville, GA

Hi Brett - welcome. I’m Theresa, I volunteer with OFN-Canada. This is @lauriewayne1 - she coordinates the US OFN instance.

Here is a script that we have been using in OFN Canada - feel free to use it if its useful - it creates a pdf.
You upload a pack by customer, or pack by producer report.

Sorry thats all I’ve got. It would be so amazing if we had a collection of different scripts like this for different situations - but alas, other priorities.