Printable 'invoices' - potential upgrades

Printable invoices can easily be generated and sent from within an order (see here)

Some users are (or wish to) use these as packing sheets / delivery dockets and have suggested changes

Clarity in action buttons

  • rearrange controls for increased clarity G#720

Adjustments for simpler use of PDF as packing or 'Delivery Docket’
all these comments/suggestions depend on what other people are using these documents for…

  • [??] Order Cycle to appear somewhere on the page (or date for delivery, which is in essense the same for us)
  • Customer’s Shipping Notes to appear - anywhere - at the bottom of the order is fine
  • Alphabetically order the products appearing on the page - makes checking them off easier for the customer. Could also do ordered by taxon, to mirror the shopfront order for taxons - but i think alphabetical is natural and easy for everyone to understand.
  • rearrange gst . . move to last column, if zero have it blank, title of column ‘inc. tax’

@Kirsten @lisahill

I have implemented most of this - just stuck on the last point “rearrange GST”.

I am happy to make the column blank if not GST exists for a particular item, but is there any particular reason to put the column last? I think it stuffs up the flow of being able to read down the side of the page for a breakdown of the cost and then onto the totals at the bottom. I’m feeling fairly strongly about this, but happy to be persuaded or come up with an alternative solution if there are particular use cases I’m not seeing.

Less strong feelings about changing the title of the column to ‘inc. tax’, but again, is this really necessary? Is the issue at the moment that ‘GST’ is not clear enough, or is there another reason for this change? My main concern is the space constraint for columns titles width ways.

If you have strong feelings then go w what is :slight_smile:

Tested and all good

  • can see OC name
  • can see customer notes
  • Items arranged alphabetically
  • GST is correct, blank if zero - is a little ambiguous as to whether GST is added to price or included, but people will figure it out, and the total GST is most important.