Possible new category name option for enterprise fees

I have a large UK user who would like an extra option for naming their enterprise fees. It is something that I imagine might be of use to other hubs.

The user would like ‘Membership fee’ added as a name. They use the flat rate per order enterprise fee on order cycles open to the public. On completion of their first order the customer is hence automatically charged for membership and can be moved onto the hub customer list (and hence access the private shop front for future orders).

They currently call this enterprise fee ‘admin’ (the options are transport, packing, admin, fundraising, sales). Customers find ‘admin’ confusing on their invoices.

I imagine other enterprises may use the same system to collect members and membership fees and so I think the addition would help more than one hub.

I’ve also had users wonder about the existing category names for enterprise fees because they want to add something else. They want a different term showing up in the pie chart for example. I wonder if its possible to have an ‘other’ - so we aren’t coming up with all possible categories labels?