Possible Local Infrastructure in Belgium

Hello Community,

My name is Kalin and I like to eat local, fresh food :slight_smile:
Apart from OpenData, OpenSource and OpenTech enthusiast in general I am co-founder of linked.farm, where we simply try to link Local Producers and Consumers by software and data means. I have been working on this project part time for about a year, but recently decided to move it as my main goal. We share the same values as OFN and I think it is time to merge efforts and create OFN Instance in Belgium as well!

Thanks to @MyriamBoure and @NickWeir we have a possible pilot project(soon to be confirmed) which will help a lot!

I see this is a great community and Iโ€™d love to be part of it by contributing and sharing the goodness :slight_smile:

p.s. I am currently digging deep into the code and I already have many ideas, but I still need to dig a lot more :slight_smile:

Cheers to all!


Welcome @klinked ! And thanks for sharing your project with the community :slight_smile:
Ping @Kirsten it seems Belgium and The Netherlands are bubbling at the moment, I will invite also some other people to join the community and that conversation :slight_smile: It seems that the local community might take an orientation toward more like " Benelux" instance, at least a common public instance between The Netherlands and Belgium, but multilingual is necessary for that.
@klinked thatโ€™s great if you can join the global hangout on Tuesday, so that you can meet the broader community. I think you are in the invitation, tell me if you are not! Itโ€™s at 13:00 Belgium time.