Possible alt. discourse / wordpress / wiki option

hi @summerscope @maikel @sstead

yesterday’s coffee obviously was too strong and my brain wouldn’t go to sleep. so i was thinking about this discourse / wp / wiki thing. You can completely ignore this if you already worked it out yesterday, but i had previously read some stuff on discourse re. WP embedding, and I’m wondering whether it would be worth considering taking advantage of what other people are doing, and doing this the other way around

use nice wp plugin for wiki (sorry, couldn’t help googling and playing around while couldn’t sleep) like

nice looking, ridiculously easy to use etc - easily managed categories, sub-categories and tags etc
i have a sandbox set-up if anyone wants to see (very easy to set up your own)

  • also non-attached if you’ve already found a better one laura!

then use the already built and seemingly quite popular plug-in that let’s you optionally send wp posts to discourse
and integrates comments with discussion on the forum

  • possible issue - how easy to tweak this to send ‘knowledge base’ content types instead of (or as well as) ‘posts’

then everything would be in sync in both places, but driven from wordpress? If there is a thing to just suck the html from discourse pages, I still suspect that would be better, but if it’s going to be hard this might be an option.

the biggest downside i can see of doing it this way is that we’d have to deal with who has wp access. the single sign-on stuff all seems to be designed to be driven the other way (with wordpress users having access to discourse), and we would probably want it to go backwards . . or risk having another thing that everyone needs to sign into if they’re going to edit / work on documentation.

apologies if this is annoying. don’t let me drink coffee :wink:

discussion on the difficulties of making discourse drive SSO

p.s. discourse forum has a whole category on this wp-discourse integration. you probably know this already, but just recording in here for future - https://meta.discourse.org/c/support/wordpress

and here’s a good example of someone using it
wordpress site http://www.howtogeek.com/213464/how-to-decrease-eye-fatigue-while-watching-tv-and-gaming-with-bias-lighting/

scroll down and you can view the comments. if you want to join the discussion, you click through and you’re in discourse, and then you can sign in . .

@serenity - sorry, should have included you too :slight_smile:

one more post that may be of use, whichever way you do it

@summerscope - this last blog post is the bit where I read about syncing for changes, so not sure if worth a quick 5 mins from @maikel about whether this way to do it would be just as easy . .

How it Works

You can now configure Discourse to support embedding. Once you’ve done that, you paste a small snippet of Javascript into your site template and you’re off to the races.

Discourse will create topics for your blog entries if you provide it with an RSS or Atom feed. It’s also smart enough to update them if the content changes, say for corrections or typos. When any users of your forum post comments, they will automatically be inserted into your blog.