Possibility to print several orders in one shoot

When orders are delivered (or picked-up in our case) we print all orders to give them to our clients. Our current process to do that is to go to the Order view and go to each order and print them one by one.

Our wish would be to be able to bulk print all orders matching a given filter in the Order view, would save us a lot of time and errors when processing large order cycles. The output would be one PDF containing all the orders.

Added to OFN Norway Backlog @danielle

see also detailed specs in Order Management - wishlist and Multiple order management index (angularised) as @oeoeaio and @lin_d_hop did quite a bit of work on the spec

Iceboxed in Enable quicker packing and invoicing

The chosen solution for that need is being implemented at the moment, so closing this original wishlist. The need has been captured in it, so when reviewing the job done we will see if the need if fully met. If another need remain another wishlist item can be open.