POS use of OFN: managing orders and payments

Our super beta tester / user in France is going to use OFN to manage a POS with products for sale and also a snack where they are going to serve soups, dishes, etc.

  • Their idea is to have in the shop computers so that people buying in the “products for sale” zone can take what they want, and then self-cashout using the OFN shop on the computer :slight_smile:

  • For the “snack” zone, they will have a special shopfront with the menu on it and make an order for a table (the tables will be pre-registered as shipping method). When the clients pay, he will just find the order and take the paiment, and print a receipt through a new “action” option in the order page (features currently being developped by @pierredelacroix).

It’s still under testing and experimentation, but I thought that ca inspire the community on another way to use the OFN :slight_smile:

We need to modify another thing, as the user needs to be able to find easily the order for a given table. So we propose to modify the view of this page:

And add, like for the bulk edit product page, a button “column” where the hub manager can add columns and show “shipping method”, “first name”, “family name”, “email”, etc.

Ping @Kirsten @sstead @NickWeir @danielle @oeoeaio
I d’ont see any possible negative impact on that, but please let me know if there is any objection if we modify that page that way.

Thanks @MyriamBoure looks good to me

I agree, it would be helpful to add more columns to this page.