Planning the Barcelona July meeting

Sorry I missed the last global zoom - i see from the minutes that the Barcelona meeting is planned for early July. Is that confirmed?
I need to book travel soon to get cheap tickets. What dates would suit most people?
Looking forward to seeing you all

do we have dates yet @NickWeir

@tschumilas I am planning to be in Barcelona from 4th to 11th July but haven’t bought tickets yet. Let’s see if that fits for other people…

That fits for me @NickWeir, I also have to book tickets and want to do it sooner than later so it doesn’t cost a fortune!

But the biggest question will be for @enricostn and @sauloperez and whether they can host the OFN global visitors for those dates.

I was also planning to come over to the UK and also maybe visit @MyriamBoure wherever she will be in France. Thought I might be a good excuse to try and gather the UK contributors in one place for a meet & greet, seeing as I’ve come over from so far away :smiley:

@lin_d_hop much of my time will be spent in London…I feel a pint or two at a local non-Wetherspoons establishment must be booked in as well :beers:

As per myself I’m gonna book the weeks from 2nd to 15th July.

At my home we can host 2 (1 sofa, 1 matress on the ground).


EDIT: we have two lovely cats, just in case of allergies…


Sorry to send regrets for the Barcelona July meeting. Its hard for me to leave the farm in July - and my sister is coming for two weeks end of June. So - impossible for me to slack off for both things. Sorry - next time!

This is looking good. We will go ahead and book our tickets. We hope to be arriving in Barcelona sometime on Weds 4th July and leaving on Weds 11th. Thanks for the offer of hosting @enricostn but I will be with my wife and daughter so we will find somewhere to rent close to where you live. Carol and Matilda are already planning to use our inter-rail ticket to go and find some nice beaches!

@danielle YES come to UK and we will kill a fatted calf (or equivalent). Can your UK trip be after the Barcelona meeting? I will be out of the UK from 18th June and so will not be here to host you. However you are welcome to Stroud anytime before 18th June and after 12th July. I am also away 20-23 July and 25-29 July. I am happy to come to London to drink beer :beers: (why is there not an emoji of a cat drinking beer?)

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That sounds great! I booked from 2nd to 15th July so I guess we can have a full week with more people (4th to 11th) for more first iteration on new process and move forward and things we need to collectively frame, and the rest on doing stuff as we will gain lot of time working together :slight_smile:
@danielle you will be most welcome to where I live whenever I know where it is which should be around end of May, but it will be in France and in a beautiful region :slight_smile: Could be before or after Barcelona, and have no plan yet for the summer so I’m adaptable. No need to know so long in advance as well, so just organize as you want and consider France and your flexible brick :slight_smile:

Vull venir a Barcelona! :wink:

That sounds great, I’ll have to see what I’m doing a bit closer to the time, but you can pencil me in.


Crackin Dani! Let me know if you need somewhere to stay. We can most definitely have many a pint and do exciting London things :smiley:

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I can’t come to Barcelona, but a Research Assistant working here with OFN-CAN is going to be in Barcelona for a conference - and there is a chance she could meet up with people for a few days after the 6th. She needs to confirm flight ASAP . where are people staying? Is anyone there able to offer her a couch or something? I’ll invite her to join here. - name is Amanda Watkins. @enricostn @NickWeir @MyriamBoure @danielle

This time around I’m not an organizer so I can’t help with your question @tschumilas, I’ll be one of the people also looking for a spare bed somewhere for the week :slight_smile:

@enricostn and @sauloperez are the hosts so best placed to answer this question :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, we still have to discuss how we will arrange the accomodation those days. We’ll get back to you asap.

Ok guys, we need to confirm who’s actually coming to find proper accommodation. I count on:

We also count on possibly fitting that research assistant you mentioned @tschumilas. To get a better idea, please fill in this doodle specifying the nights you will spend here :pray:.

You @MyriamBoure wondered about @paco and @nicolas. What will you guys do?

Thanks for all your work on this @sauloperez. I am so looking forward to being with you all. :grinning:

I think that @CynthiaReynolds said she might be able to join us. I hope so. If you can Cynthia please doodle - see above.

Hey there! I’m the research assistant working with Theresa this summer/ who will be in Barcelona around this time! I’m still trying to figure out exactly how long I can stay in town/ my budget, but can I let you know for sure within the next few days? Right now though it’s looking like I should be able to stay for the last two or three days scheduled! Are the concrete days the 4th to the 11th? Thanks!

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Are the concrete days the 4th to the 11th?

Looks like it.

can I let you know for sure within the next few days?

No problem @AmandaW. We’re still on it but I’m sure we can fit you in.

Hey team, unfortunately I won’t be able to join for the conference. However, I will be in town from June 24 to 30 for a course and it would be great to meet up with anyone who may already be in Barcelona at that point!

I just realized that I should have made a ‘proper’ introduction for Amanda. Amanda is working with OFN-Canada for the summer. She will be helping us build out our website, add some newsletters & social media promotions, etc. And, she’ll be developing a workshop model that we are calling the ‘food system hackathon’ that will help people identify and start micro social enterprises enabled by the OFN platform. When she said she was going to Barcelona for a course this summer - I suggested she link with this channel to see if she might be able to meet up with folks there. My ‘real’ agenda is to ‘hook’ her on our amazing community so I can find a way to keep her engaged when her project is done this summer :heart_eyes: (There - the cat is out of the bag.)

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