Pilot US Staging Site and Organization

@MikeiLL, @eric, @tschumilas, @Selmo - I’ve started this thread to track and organize progress on the incorporation of an OFN-US nonprofit entity and to discuss/work on the US Staging instance.

Demo Site: https://staging.usfoodcoop.org/
Slack Channel: https://openfoodnetwork.slack.com/messages/united-states/
Google Drive folder (Draft organizational documents and research): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-2y8MomQ-5pR2s2cnI5Nm0wZTQ

Topics of discussion from Nov. 9 HO:
small concrete projects (under $50,000)
friend-raising: cultivating relationships with known and trusted organizations
linking social justice and environmental accessibility
Supporting Policy Change Initiatives
Hub specific community forums?
bringing the sacred back into the food system? (Anselm)
localization and decentralization of food systems.
open source marketplace
one of the foundations we might look at is the Grace Foundation
Center for Sustainable Food Systems - Canada
Bootstrap Budgeting

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What is that other platform that OFN has been using to track tasks? @eric and I can’t remember. It looked awesome, and @Angie-US I know you said you had used it before.

https://trello.com - finally! https://trello.com/b/AVFH2Q78/ofn-us